Utveckling, konstruktion, montering, idrifttagning och underhåll av stålkonstruktioner och industriugnar
ISO 9001 samt ISO14001 certifierad av SP Sveriges Provnings- och Forskningsinstitut

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Mekaniska AB

Welcome to Jomo Mekaniska AB

Jomo Mekaniska was established in 1980 and has since then served the engineering and process industries. We are a mechanical manufacturing company producing, constructs and cad-drawing. Main work duties are manufacturing industrial ovens, manufacturing lines, mezzanines and mount or dismount steel structures. Over the years, Jomo developed their own products based on experiences from these areas.

These products meet CE standards with adherence to the Machinery Directive and the The Work Environment Authority regulations. Our services are well documented, we always take up a full supporting documentation, as well as drawings, software documentation, in accordance with current standards. We follow and participate in the development of the automobile industry, process industry. We are a flexible company, which as far as possible try to help clients to optimal solutions.

Our references
Volvo Uddevalla, Dûrr/AIS, Kvaerner, More Group, Saab, Karbud, Plastal, Stena, ABB, Skanska, AutoNova, Plastal, Raufoss, Polswe, Vägverket, VOLVO Bussar, m.m.